Thursday, March 13, 2014

outdoor living

One of the most wonderful aspects of living in Arizona is the opportunity for indoor/outdoor living.  At this beautiful client's home (she is beautiful and so is her home), all the doors open onto the garden, pool and yard.  We designed a 15' custom dining table for her back patio made from 2" reclaimed wood with a custom designed iron base.  Around the table we put upholstered chairs with sunbrella fabrics.  With the finishing touch of the unique chandelier overhead, this setting welcomes family and guests for enchanted gatherings.  We always love to bring in fresh flowering plants and blend multiple textures to make each space feel unique.  Using chandeliers, large mirrors and collected pieces brings an unexpected ambiance to your guests.

A side seating area offers warm, cozy comfort while enjoying the refreshing outdoors...

Over the holidays we helped decorate and prepare for a holiday dinner party on this beautiful back patio...

We showed up with a car full of goodies for the party!

On the other end of her yard, we placed two more custom tables - round reclaimed wood tops with stone bases surrounded by woven chairs with sunbrella cushions, which offer the opportunity for intimate dining conversations.  We feel that using varying table shapes that are most conducive for the spaces helps create the most optimal flow.

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Unknown said...

The rooms! I never found these rooms so gorgeous and amazing pallets. A home decor for summer.


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