Saturday, May 10, 2014

happy flowers for the mom you love.

Like most moms, I love flowers.  I love getting them, I love having them in my home.  I especially love picking up flowers from Trader Joe's and arranging them myself.  The possibilities are endless.  One trick I've learned over the years is how easy orchids are to have in your home and to care for.  In just a few minutes you can put them together in a way that looks like they came from a florist and they will last for weeks and weeks.

First, remove the case they come in...

Next, wrap some moss around their base...

Then, place them in a vase with just about two inches of water only in the bottom...

For a little something extra, you can use twine to tie a little moss around the stem where the orchid is attached to the stick by a less-than-attractive piece of plastic...

Occasionally, add a little more water as you see the level going down, but never much.
They should last for weeks and weeks!
Give some to a friend and keep some for yourself!
They are certain to brighten up any home!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
We love you!
What would the world be without moms!

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