Thursday, May 22, 2014

what i've been up to... {part two}

After our lovely girls' weekend in California, I flew out to High Point, North Carolina with Susan for a buying trip.  We have always wanted to go to the High Point Market and it did not disappoint.  We may have ended up with a bit of a dump hotel :) but we made the most of it, had fun and laughed the whole way.  Plus, we found lots and lots of new treasures to add to the shop!  Success!
So, a few high points from High Point (hehe... I am hilarious!)...

quick, it says no climbing!  susan, catch!
which patina do you want?
this beauty is coming home with me!
we decided against the peek-a-boo chairs :)
eat when and where (and what!) you can.  life at market :)
who said we had a dump hotel?  chocolates on the pillow?  oh, wait, that was my roomie ;)


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