Friday, July 30, 2010

guest blogger: local lily

Local Lily is a wonderful new blog featuring all things local.
It is a great resource for local establishments from restaurants and stores to museums and markets.
They are definitely one to bookmark, especially if you are from Phoenix or planning to visit.
And, of course, the ladies of Local Lily are simply lovely. So, we are, indeed, thrilled to hear what some of their local No. 1's are here in Phoenix. We are so very happy to introduce you to the ladies of Local Lily...

Our five favorite things about Phoenix

We found it nearly impossible to pick only five local faves! But we tried our best and here's a few close to our hearts...

1. The Duce!

A speak-easy that isn't going to be such a hidden gem for long. Little by little the Duce is becoming everyone's favorite spot! RnR surplus clothing, antique home items, great food and great drinks all in a family friendly atmosphere - you can't beat it!

2. Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets are a great way to start your weekend. See your neighbors, buy your produce and goodies from local vendors and increase the cohesiveness of your community.

3. Arizona Derby Dames

Arizona Derby Dames is a Saturday Night Out you won't soon forget! Grab a draft beer and get ready to holler - it ain't child's play!

4. The Phoenix Children's Museum

The Phoenix Children's Museum has many floors of awesome, air-conditioned fun for families of all ages... babies and big kids, too!

5. Nouvelle Armoire

For a one-stop shop of clothes and accessories, its all about Nouvelle Armoire! Gorgeous earrings, beautifully made and unique clothing with sales you can't beat.

Thank you so much to the ladies of Local Lily!
Keep up with their blog to find more fabulous places scattered across this great city of ours!

Hope you enjoyed all of our guest bloggers this week! We sure did!
For those from Phoenix, did you discover anything unknown to you that you are now itching to go check out?
What are some of you local favorites in Phoenix or your own city that you would recommend to someone if they were visiting?
Love to hear from you all!

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Rosanne said...

I love Postino's wine bar, and Chelsea's Kitchen. Also anywhere that has a cool patio. Recently we when to "The Livingroom" in Queen Creek...really fun! I also like to take visitors to the Wrigley Mansion for cocktails. The view is incredible! and it's so cool saying your going to a mansion. There are a ton of great places for lunch, dinner, shopping. I love Phoenix!


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