Sunday, July 4, 2010

lazy days of summer?

Where are those days of laying around, reading good books, relaxing and being lazy in these hot days of summer? I feel like we have been nonstop busy through all of June. This week has been filled with nothing but volleyball, as our daughter Emily has been playing in a tournament downtown. It really has been so exciting and I must say, I love watching girls' volleyball. We will try to get ourselves out of town after that... we'll see if we can get it all together...
Have a wonderful weekend, and happy 4th of July to everyone!
And, be on the lookout for our special guest blogger this next week - Jen will be sharing all about her amazing Italian wedding!
Oh, don't forget to join the fun and leave a comment for our t-shirt giveaway!


ZoeB said...

Love Volleyball too but its just not a popular sport in the UK. Went to see the Uk mens team play an international match recently and it felt like it was only my family and the players families watching. Its so sad. My 12 year old loves to play but can only train with the university team as there are no Junior teams in my city.

marni zarr said...

looking forward to jen's blog! and loving all my tops and such that i bought last week... xo!!!


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