Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Maddy showed up at The Willows this morning with a lovely surprise of a blueberry coffee cake she had "just whipped up" before work for our customers. Isn't she a wonderful 17 year old?! She used a recipe from our cookbook "The Ramos House Cafe". We picked these cookbooks up in San Juan, California from the actual Ramos House Cafe which was built in 1881. It has an amazing history, and even more amazing food. The nicest luxury is you can take these wonderful recipes home with you!

Stop in today to try Maddy's wonderful coffee cake, and bake some for family and friends this weekend! Enjoy!


Rhonda said...

I was so excited about all my finds in your store, I forgot to have a piece of that coffee cake.

Wonderful shop and wonderful experience!

My post tomorrow will be all about your store!

jack, lucy, finn, dot, martha, and rocky said...

oh, my, that coffee cake looks amazing!
i think i need to finally just buy that fantastic book...

Unknown said...

Thank you for featuring Ramos House Cafe and our cookbook in your wonderful blog! We posted your mention on our Twitter and Facebook accounts so check them out.

Say hi the next time you are in the Ramos House!


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