Wednesday, June 2, 2010

over at the willows

It seems like we are always getting new little prizes in at the store and before I even mention them they have all flown off the shelves (like the super cute black strapless knit dress we got in last week that is already completely sold out... don't worry, we are working hard on getting more). Here are just a few of the fun little items currently gracing the shelves around the Willows, although I am sure I have missed a few, so scoot on over and take a peek for yourself.

These pillows were designed and made by our very own Willows' design team. We are so excited about them and we're just dying to know what you think?
So, what do you think?

A few new things gracing our tables...

And some fantastic new prizes to check out in apparel...

Anything special catch your eye?
Stop over and see us! We'd love to see you!


Unknown said...

love the pillows, so fresh!
and the grey blue dress- wow- I could see myself weaing that all summer long!


Angie said...

LOVE the dress and vest!!!!


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