Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new wrap

We've been playing around with new wrapping ideas for all our gifts at the Willows. I am really loving corrugated cardboard right now... plus a little twill tape and a smidge of burlap and I am oh, so very happy. what do you think?

Rosanne, who won our Sea Bags' wine bag, sent us the sweetest little note about how much she loved the new wrap that came all tied up around her prize...

She loved it so much, she just had to keep it around...

Don't forget about our t-shirt giveaway! You know you would love to have this cozy shirt as your very own! (For those interested in ordering their own shirt, please call the store for details! (602)334-1345).

Anyone who wants to join our email list, please feel free to email the store at willowsdesign@gmail.com, we would love to add you!

And for any of you lovely folks who are plugged into all things social media, become a follower of the Willows on facebook, too! We would love you a little extra if you did... :)

Oh, and we're even on twitter... in case you were interested!


Unknown said...

Oh it looks awesome! I love this kind of design/packaging. It's so sweet and simple - my favorite!

diane said...

I love all of the ideas you share here. The new wrap is so cute!

Rosanne said...

Yes I do love the corrugated cardboard. Wondering where I can get more?.... Oh the possibilties!


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