Monday, July 19, 2010

never too old for a tree house

We built this tree house for our son Alex when he was younger and he and his friends used to spend hours playing in it. It has been a little neglected in more recent years. The grandkids love playing in it, but it definitely needs a little love to bring back that magic that it used to have. I saw these amazing fun sheds on Pure Style Home last May and decided this was going to be my next little project. The one with the chandelier? I mean, come on. Not that mine will be quite to this level - I still want it to be a playhouse - but I have a few little ideas brewing around in my head. I was thinking of painting it taupe and the swing white, adding some curtains and maybe even a little chandelier.

Anyway, just as I was starting to make plans for this project, my son Al came home from college. Seeing as I had sort of kicked him and his friends out of the guest house, I guess they were looking for a new place to hang out. Seems you are never too old for a tree house...

So, instead of curtains and a chandelier, the tree house got a dart board and guitars. They have moved on from the guest house though, so its fine be me. It really just kind of makes me giggle that these college boys that used to play in this tree house have returned back to it.

The downfall is that now, instead of finding them sprawled about the guest house, they have just taken to sleeping on the back patio... oh, college boys.

I actually don't even know who this is...

Well, Alex leaves for Rome in just a few short weeks (*sniff, sniff* this is where I get emotional and decide he can sleep on the back patio as much as he wants if he just stays home with his mom a little longer...), so I guess the tree house will be mine again. Thus, it is time to start the planning. So, ladies (and any of you fellas that are reading out there), what fantastic ideas do you have? Please do share! What would you do to fix up this lovely old tree house?


Jen said...

i LOVED when you said..."I actually don't even know who this is" on the random kid pic. i'm sure my mom shared that sentiment many a day growing up.

the swing is my favorite part :)

mamamchale said...

i would paint it white and add touches of turquoise....with some vines...catclaw and perhaps a pink flowering vine. paint the swing charcol grey...oops gotta go..ruby calls

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I can't imagine anything I could muster that would be better than what your wildly creative mind will dream up for the re-vamp. I ALWAYS wanted a playhouse like this - incredible and how lucky your kids are. LOVE that you have no idea who the random boy sleeping on your porch is - isn't too darn hot to sleep outside?

Blondie's Journal said...

What an awesome tree house! I could imagine having tea parties with my dolls in it {when I was younger!}.

I'm sure you will come up with something really nice, it will make a great retreat for you!

Love the sleeping college kids. I ALWAYS have that going on at our lakehouse. Never know who is coming or going! lol!


Rhonda said...

OMG - those were the most beautiful sheds EVER! Thank you for sharing that. Now, where's that man of mine. If I have to tie him to a chair to see these sheds, I will.

Unknown said...

I have no tips or ideas but wanted to comment on how awesome it is that you have this treehouse and how incredible I know it will be once you plan it out and start the work! Keep us posted on the progress! And hopefully your son has tons and tons of fun in Rome. Maybe we'll cross paths when I'm there in September.


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