Thursday, August 5, 2010

how could i forget?

We also are proudly carrying the FEED 5 bracelet from FEED Projects.

"The FEED 5 Bracelet is made out of corn-based plastic with a metal charm with the FEED logo stamped on one side and the number 5 on the other. The number 5 signifies the 5 school meals each bracelet will provide. Each bracelet comes in a mini FEED pouch."

They are so cool and we really think you all will be super into them.
The quantities are limited so hurry in to the Willows to pick up your FEED bag and your FEED bracelet soon! Can't wait to see you!


La Dolfina said...

Hi, I would like to buy a bracelet. Can you send it to California?

Vintage Market Place said...

Those are too cute they are right up my alley, could you send me the info for how much they are?

Rosanne said...

I'm thinking those would make a cute Christmas gift...look at me thinking about Christmas shopping in August!

christina @ greige said...

I love these! I have the bags now I simply must have a bracelet!

Thanks for sharing with us..


marni zarr said...

love the bags and bracelets, what a great gift! one for me and one for them :)

The Willows said...

so glad you ladies all like the bracelets as much as we do! we are putting them in the online shop today, so everyone near and far can get one for themselves. hurry and get yours, as quantities are limited!


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