Monday, August 16, 2010

a volleyball mom?

Yup, I guess that's what I am. My daughter Emily officially made the freshman volleyball team at Xavier last week and, I have to admit, I was beyond excited. I have really come to love this sport over the past few years and I think it will be thrilling to watch at the high school level. I decided to show Emily that I was just as excited as she was (maybe even a little more...) with a few tokens of congratulations...

I even picked out a lovely Xavier sweatshirt for Edward (that is his name, right?). Emily just rolled her eyes at me and acted like I was a big dork. I think deep down she loves it and will remember it and appreciate it all the more when she has kids of her own. Right?! That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
As a side note, I have taken to hiding the above cardboard cutout from Twilight in Emily's closet and scaring her and her friends. I know, I am hilarious, right? Tell me you wouldn't scream if you walked around the corner and saw that guy staring at you.

So, back to volleyball... every week two girls are chosen as spirit leaders to make something for each girl on the team, as a sort of way to promote spirit and team bonding (or something like that...). So, here is where the project addict in me comes out... I am already trying to come up with something for Emily to make for this. Any suggestions? Come on, I really need some good ideas here!

It has been so much fun watching Emily grow as a player and I am really looking forward to this coming season. So, yes, a volleyball mom am I.


AntiqueChase said...

Congrats on your daughter making the volleyball team in high school!! My son plays 2 high school sports and I remember how excited we were when he made the teams!! I don't have any craft ideas for you, just wanted to say congrats!! What a fun mom you are!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Go baby gators! My daughter is an alum. Such fun times for us all. Congratulations to your daughter - will be keeping tabs on how they do this year.
Will have to think on the spirit thing and get back to you...first thought is a cute gator magnet for their lockers.

Unknown said...

how about designing cute team flip flops or pj's for all the girls?

Mel said...

Yes...Love iT! My baby just made our B team out of HUNDREDS of girls...on the C~ The A team players all have moms who coach college Vball so forget about it. it is so fun to watch them dig deep. Congrats mom.


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