Tuesday, November 16, 2010

don't you love a good magazine?

I love looking at all the lovely pictures on blogs as much as (ok, probably more than) the next guy, yet there is still nothing that can beat a real magazine.  Something to hold in your hand, take outside with your coffee and lose yourself in the pages of.  And we have the most amazing magazine currently gracing our shelves at the Willows.  It is called Anthology and I promise, you will LOVE it.  Between our other favorite magazine and this one, you could put together the perfect holiday gift for that friend that appreciates home decorating, design and creativity as much as you do.  Here's a little sneak peek to tempt you into the store to buy your own copy...


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

Hallelujah! There's nothing better than a REAL magazine.

janine said...

I'm with you Bev. Love blogs as much as the next person, but love magazines for all the good points that you mentioned!
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Vintage Market Place said...

I miss them terribly.
I go every week to the newsstand hoping for something to appear...I am still waiting.
Where have all the good ones gone

High Street Cottage said...

I am in Love...with your blog. xoxo tami


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