Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dear Friends,
It is that time of year when we stop and reflect on what we are truly thankful for in life.
And we could not be more thankful for all of you.
Now that we have all begun shopping for the holidays, it makes me think of how many years the Willows' has been around and how many amazing holidays we have had here. And we have all of you, our wonderful customers, clients and friends, to thank for that.
So, thank you.
All of you.
Through it all, you continue to come back and support the local boutiques. Since we began creating the Willows in 1996 and opened our doors in 1997, a lot of things have changed. We have moved three times and you still continued to come and shop with us. In my own family, we moved our home, had 4 children married and 16 grandkids (and counting...) born and, somehow, I still continued to come to work:) Over the last 13 years, you've kept me on my game. Always reinventing the Willows to keep it exciting and to find something new. I feel such joy when I go into people's homes and see things we sold in the past with such a happy place in their home. Thank you for that continued inspiration.
With our lovely employees we have celebrated weddings and babies. Our old store manager, Ashley now has 2 kids in grade school! Have we really been here that long? At our original 44th Street location, when we first opened, we carried tons of Shabby Chic Baby. Now I see these kids all grown up and think, "Wow. We decorated your nursery." Its all a little bittersweet. And I can't help but think, we could never have lasted this long without such amazing and faithful customers, many of you we are happy to call our dear friends.
Recently, a dear customer who has shopped with us since day one, just redid her guest room and bought all new bedding from us. Next week we are taking it all over to her house to iron it (side note: I have a terrible sickness - a love of ironing. There, I've admitted it...) and help her make the bed. I love that about us and I hope you do, too. I hope that is why we have had customers since we opened our doors who continue to shop with us time and again. That's the extra bit you get from a local store and I believe that's why we have had customers shopping with us for 13+ years. We have customers who buy something from us for a table setting with only a vague idea of what they want to do. They ask us about it, and before you know it, we are all gathered around helping them plan exactly how it should all look. We even have people come in to ask us to tie bows on their Christmas wreaths. I love that. We share places to eat, places to shop, the names of our hairdressers. And my favorite are the customers we can stand around laughing with for hours. They come in and share their stories and make us laugh (occasionally, make us cry). Its for all these reasons that I love coming to work.
In addition to all that, this blog has opened up so many new people to be thankful for. The wonderful readers and the kind comments and inspiration keep me smiling everyday. So, thank you all, too.

I love knowing that when you are all out doing you holiday shopping, you never forget us! (Evident by the crowds we have had bustling through our store over the past two weeks and the ever-dwindling holiday inventory...).

We love you all and are so very thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you for always shopping with us, stopping in to make us laugh or reaching out to us through this blog! We hope you all have the loveliest Thanksgiving, surrounded by those you love!

All our love and thanks,
Bev and the rest of the Willowettes

*top picture from a magazine I bought in Paris two years ago.


janine said...

Thanks Bev,

That was such a lovely post. I hope you know that if I could I would be there in your store with bells on!! And, I hope one day, when I open an interiors shop that I do half as well as you...what I mean by that is the customer service and people just wanting to come into the shop 'cause it feels good. I hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

BriarRose said...

So very true. I had recently moved back to Mesa from Texas...ahead of my husband. So most of our furniture was still there, and would be for a few more months. Emotionally, I needed just one room complete, so that I could feel at home. I purchased a bed and then on the day before you closed for the 4th of July weekend, I ran in to find the perfect bedding. Everyone was so nice and helped me select the perfect coverlet (Matteo...I love it), shams, a duvet, and bedskirt. It was certainly a team effort. I had the best dreams that night...and knew then that
I could turn my new house into a home. Love love love your wonderful store and you and the wonderful Willowettes.


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