Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the duce

Last week we headed to the Duce in downtown Phoenix to shop, eat and generally wander about.  If you aren't familiar with the duce it is a "restaurant & lounge, entertainment destination, vintage one-stop shop, a coffee joint, old-fashioned soda fountain, fresh produce and dairy market, news-comics-candy stand, old school gym & vintage bike shop…and that ain’t all!"  The whole place is simply eye candy.  Whoever is behind this place certainly had an amazing vision.  They have these old gymnasium bleachers set up in front of a big screen where they play cartoons, right next to a soda fountain that boasts the best milkshakes in town... needless to say, even the kids thought this place was fantastic.  And the boxing ring was a big hit with the little ones, as well.  Yes, they have an actual old school boxing ring.  Its definitely worth a visit.  And, if you don't live in Phoenix, here's a little peek just for you...

I love that the back of the bus says "cuz that's how we roll."


marni zarr said...

i must go here!!! just returned from nyc and have to thank you for "once upon a tart". i had lemon... still puckering from the goodness :)

bigBANG studio said...

This place sounds TOTALLY AMAZING! What a perfect solution for an old warehouse!

Thanks for teaching me about the Duce- have now bookmarked this post for future Phoenix visits.

Cheers! xo lily


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