Tuesday, November 2, 2010

summer revisited

As I was cleaning out my computer I came across all sorts of old summer pictures that I never shared.  Being out of town for most of the summer and having all sorts of fabulous guest bloggers, I never got around to posting some of these.  And then with a new computer, I kind of forgot they were even there.  I guess I could just toss them, but I love the feeling they give me of the laid back days of summer.  Perhaps, as I am in the midst of holiday madness (yes, the holidays began for me in October and won't slow down until Christmas has passed...), I can at least sit and imagine myself back to the calmness of the beach.  In my relaxed beach mode, I even put together a couple cute summer tutorials that I never shared, but I think if you put the right twist on them you could change them up for the holidays.  If nothing but for myself, I have decided to put together a handful of "summer revisited" posts to share over the next few weeks.  Hope no one minds that this blog will be talking about summer and Christmas simultaneously...

This summer I decided I was going to fix up the little bit of garden area I have on the front patio in Balboa.  So, with a truck full of plants and a good friend to help, we decided we could be landscape designers with the best of them...  or at least have ourselves a good time trying.

With the limited space we have on our front porch, the plants get so lost behind the furniture, so we decided to give the new plants some height...

If I disappear suddenly next week, its because I looked at these pictures too long and had to escape back to the beach.  So, if I am missing, you know where to find me...

Thanks for stopping by and now I am back to the store to finish setting for Christmas.

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janine said...

Hi Bev,

Love the pictures of summer that you have posted. (So please you did!). We are just coming into summer here, but you wouldn't think so the last few days, rain, wind and just plain cold. Today, is the opposite though (go figure) and I'm itching to get outside and start with my poor very neglected garden!. Hope you're having a great week.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia


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