Friday, May 27, 2011

california dreamin'

With a little trip to Carmel coming up and family visiting Phoenix in June, it looks as though I won't be getting to Balboa until July this year (not that I'm complaining...).  However, looking through all these old pictures has me longing to be there right now sitting on my front porch drinking a glass of wine...  soon enough.  I guess I will just have to do something super fun this weekend right here in Phoenix...  any suggestions?

For the moment, however, I will just keep dreaming of sleeping back in this bed...

And running on this beach...
(running in the figurative sense - more just relaxing, but you get the idea...)

Who else is excited about summer with me?


Vintage Market Place said...

The weather here in Vegas is more California like than Vegas like so far
we are getting spoiled, but I am with you I can't wait to get to Laguna in a few weeks. That beach and smell of the salt water breeze in the air are calling my name.

Sush said...

I spent my childhood years on Florida's panhandle Gulf Coast. Now I'm living on the East Coast and we have our own special piece of Heaven on the NC coast. If I don't get beach time I am not a happy camper...Nothing like the waves going in and out and the salty sea breezes to let the stress just ease on down the road....!

AndeM1 said...

I am I am....we are heading to our favorite quiet beach at Cape San Blas, Florida (Gulf Coast) on June 16th....with a copy of Mary Andrews new book....summer rental family and some sunscreen....I just can't wait......heaven on earth!

Karen said...

We are leaving in four weeks for Newport Beach. We will ride our bikes to Balboa, cross on the ferry, shop at Basics, soak up the cool, breezy nights. I can't wait to leave the heat of Phoenix. See you there!!!!!


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