Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh, baby

Did you know there is going to be a new baby in the Willows' family?  Our very own sweet Jen is pregnant with her first baby.  How adorable does she look...

She finds out this week whether she is having a boy or a girl!  Any thoughts based on that cute bump?  Do you have any old wives' tales for determining the sex of the baby?  
Feel free to leave a little congratulations right here in the comments!


Alex said...

YAY!!! CUTEST mama ever! Congrats, Jen!

Vintage Market Place said...

she is adorable and yes I have a surefire way to tell.
It is all in the momma's hair growth,
if she is shaving her legs more she is having a girl
if she is shaving less its a boy.
This has been tested time after time by my friends and never has been wrong.
I knew I was having a boy before the dr. so when he told me I had no surprise.
Good Luck

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Congratulations! That bump looks high to me, so I'm going with boy. :)

marni zarr said...

awww, i love jen! i definitely need to come in and say hi and check out her baby bump (promise i won't touch without permission, i remember those days!) i'm with miss m. :) boy.

The Willows said...

boy pretty sure one tall one cute no hair maybe glasses, sound familar. bb

AndeM1 said...

Jen......I wish you the sweetest, happiest and healthiest baby girl or boy.......congrats!!!!

Andrea in Illinois

Unknown said...

Yay congrats Jen! I vote girl only cause Talon needs a girlfriend. Well I guess I also want to see Vance have a panic attack. ;) Either way I cant wait to meet baby Z.

Anonymous said...

So adorable!! Cutest pregnant lady ever.

Rebecca Nicassio said...

BIG SMILE....I just knew it was a beautiful baby girl. Pink...lots of pink. :O)


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