Friday, May 13, 2011

weekend reading

A couple weeks ago I was browsing through the books at Anthropologie and came across this one.  As soon as I saw the words NYC and Sibella Court I grabbed it and headed to the register.  Sibella Court wrote one of my all time favorite design books, Etc.  Her photos are always perfection and her writing style is a dream.  One of my favorite lines from Etc. is, "My mother called me Silver.  Part precious metal, part pirate."  The Stylist's Guide to NYC is her own personal record of all her favorites throughout the city.  They are divided into areas of interest and laid out in a day to day itinerary.  It may be a travel book of sorts, but, if you are anything like me, you will gobble it up like it is a novel.  And I may have immediately gone to my computer to check airline prices, as the book will have you dreaming of walking the streets of New York City.  If you are planning a trip to New York, you absolutely must get this book.  And if you are simply a lover of design and beautiful things, then this book needs a home on your book shelf, as well.  It is full of amazing photos, collages, snippets of wisdom and humor and so much more.  Like this...

and this...

I promise it is so fantastic.  If you haven't already discovered it, go treat yourself.

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janine said...

Mmmm yes, Bev I have been doing some reading of my own. I have just picked up the latest Romantic Homes magazine and lo and behold your stunning shop and a couple of pictures of your beautiful home were featured. Well done!

Take care
Tasmania, Australia


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