Thursday, September 13, 2012

a real family picture

The other thing I have found that helps make the planning process less stressful is to delegate tasks to other people.  I ask one daughter-in-law to send out the emails to everyone asking them to pick their night for dinner or to update everyone on things like "family talent show - monday night" or "family pictures - tuesday morning."  One less thing I have to do is always good by me!

  And speaking of family pictures and delegating tasks, another daughter-in-law offered to plan our family pictures this year as she has a good friend who is a photographer and would just happen to be in Newport at the same time as us.  I think it has been about ten years since we paid an actual photographer to take our family picture, so everyone decided we were due.  Emily Carroll is actually a Phoenix photographer who spends part of the summer in California.  I highly recommend her, as I adored the photos she took and her presentation of them absolutely made me cry.  Check her out online (right here) and book your family photos today.  And you can see for yourself right here how very talented she is...

Thank you, Emily for capturing our family!

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