Monday, September 17, 2012

missing cali

This last week was a crazy one.  I longed to be back at the beach without a care in the world.  
However, that's not reality, so we just keep moving forward.  
These amazing grapes are growing outside my friend Laurie's house.  Only in California could you grow something so amazing and make it look so simple.  These just grow so big and gorgeous right around her front door.  I love it.  What's the best thing you have had luck growing here in Phoenix.  Basil, perhaps?  Do share!


linda t said...

I harvested the original seeds from a gorgeous garden at a Christian College in Cali over 15 years ago and have never had to plant another seed since. They reseed beautifully.
In fact this is the time of year to throw those seeds in the ground and come spring ~ big, TALL and breathtakingly beautiful!
Linda (in Tempe)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

When I lived in Las Vegas I grew pomegranite. The flowers and fruit are really beautiful!

kay eneim said...

You are right, summer is rough here, but we can grow grapes... surprisingly!
I've had good success in my garden in Scottsdale. I have a post here...

Such fun to grow them!


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