Wednesday, September 12, 2012

family games

One of the best things I have caught on to when planning a family vacation is how important it is to come up with a couple activities that allow everyone to participate together.  We always put together at least one all family baseball game on the beach, which all the kids love.  The little kids feel so important being on a team with the big kids and getting cheered on by their older cousins. 

And even the girlies who aren't too interested in playing manage to find a way to still be a part of the game...

This year I also asked my son, Peter, to come up with some sort of family olympics we could all participate in.  He created four teams and five events and we had quite a hilarious/wild/intense/fun time.  From events like the "Friscus" (frisbee meets discus) to sumo wrestling (you can bet we got a lot of interesting looks on the beach for this one... especially when we let the little boys have a go at it...) every member of the family was into it and cheering on their team.  

Do you have any all family activities that you find help bring everyone all together?

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