Friday, September 14, 2012

making plans

This year I finally got my wish after years of talking about it...  A family talent show!  It was so much fun.  People were clever, funny, entertaining and we even saw some real, true talent.  We marked a night on the calendar and told everyone a month or so in advance, so they could get planning.  Each family had to come up with something to do together as a family and then any other little thing people wanted to do could be added in also.  Some of the little girls even spent the days leading up to the talent show planning their own little dances with their cousins.  For a good laugh and a good time, I highly recommend planning a family talent show.  Start now, as it may take a few years to convince your family of this wild idea.  This, along with our family olympics, family pictures and any other activity that gets put on the calendar in advance, seems to help the whole week run so smoothly as everyone knows what to expect.  And, every year we have to include a little girls morning, where we go get toes painted and go out to lunch.  And, then the guys find somewhere in the week to squeeze in a little golf. It's a wonderful time and I miss it already.  Time to start planning for next year!

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