Wednesday, August 11, 2010

simple fold-over pillows

In June when I was packing up to head to the beach, I continued to go back and forth as to whether or not I should actually haul my sewing machine (and serger - never one without the other!) all the way to California with me. Yes, definitely, I am sure I will have all sorts of time for sewing projects... No, I shouldn't go to the trouble of taking them, because I probably won't get around to actually making anything... Yes, I will. What am I going to be so busy with... Back and forth, until I finally convinced myself I absolutely needed to have them with me.

Well, with one week left before leaving the beach and no sewing projects to show for, I needed to make sure my decision was not in vain. So, I decided to throw together some cute, easy pillows (I promise, any of you could make these!). I had bought a big roll of turquoise fabric and decided turquoise pillows were just what the beach house needed. My camera was handy, so I snapped a few pictures as I went, so as to be able to give a little step-by-step of how to make your own cute pillows in your own favorite color of the moment. Its all about a little (nearly) instant gratification. Here we go...

Step 1: Decide on the size pillow you want and add 2 inches. Cut three same size squares in that size. I wanted 20 inch pillows, so I cut three 22 inch squares.

Step 2: Lay all three pieces on top of one another. Fold back the top two layers about 8 inches (play with this, depending on the size pillow you are making). You want them to overlap enough so that they won't be pulled apart by the pillow, but you also want to be able to fit your pillow inside. I serged the edges of the part that is folded back. If you don't have a serger, you can always just zigzag the edge with your sewing machine.

Step 3: If you start to get hungry and a little distracted, make yourself some eggs. A little protein and you can focus again... hopefully.

Step 4: (Is everybody with me on the fold-over portion of this? Good.) Ok, so now, instead of pinning just use some giant paper clips to attach all three pieces. A definite time-saver.

Step 5: Serge (or sew, or zigzag) all three pieces together. Since I was using my serger, I angled all the corners as I went.

Step 6: Flip your pillowcase inside out, put a pillow in, fluff and put on your patio (or couch, or bed...) to enjoy.

You can sit and relax with that pillow or, if you are like me, you get that itch to keep getting more things done once you see how rewarding that first project was. So, play around with how to make more pillows and how to embellish them a little differently each time...

And there you have it. Easy pillows and (nearly) instant gratification. Is it just me, or do you get that thrill when you make something with your own hands?
Let me know if anyone tries the pillows! I would love to see how yours turn out or which ways you choose to make them a little more your own!


Rosanne said...

I am going to try this. I need some pillows for the window seat I just recovered. My motto is "live the life you love"....and you're living my life! I want a beach house soooooo bad.

Teri said...

What a great & quick project! Thank you so much for sharing! Could you please let me know what kind of serger you have! I have been wanting to buy one! I would really appreciate your advice!
Love Love your blog!

AntiqueChase said...

Love this..still would be a long project for me (sewing impaired) .. Gonna try it!


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