Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burlap is My No. One

After not making it into the store yesterday, I arrived today determined to reset a few displays for spring. A little more spring, a little less Easter. In the midst of my redecorating, I found out that channel 10 is coming in the morning. Ok, more motivation to get the store looking fabulous. Then I get a call from the ladies planning the Kelly Corrigan Event and they are freaking out that their flower gal has cancelled and they need someone to make all the flower arrangements for thursday night. Guess who is now doing all the flower arrangements? So, after channel 10 in the morning, then an appointment with a client at her home, I have to juggle school pick-up, volleyball practice, dinner and flower arrangements. Thursday morning I have a photo-shoot for a book I am working on and then off to see Kelly Corrigan that night (hopefully, a glass of wine will fit into this schedule somewhere). I am starting to think my weekend was not all that exhausting after all... Someday soon I will be blogging about sipping drinks by the pool. Someday.
Well, what I was hoping to share today is my unceasing love for burlap. I feel like I could come up with a million projects for this material, so wasn't I lucky to come across an entire bolt (and then some) while shopping the busy, crowded streets of L.A.

(the most fashionable way to walk to the streets of LA... with a laundry basket full of fabric in tow. beware that people may want to look through your basket and ask "how much?")

My most recent burlap project was having covers made for these little stools I have had since the mid-eighties. I absolutely love the way they turned out. Instead of your normal "before and after", here's a before, before and after.




I love burlap so much I would drive 600 miles with it hanging off the back of my truck...

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