Thursday, March 25, 2010

no. one prize

This trip to the flea market we decided to play a little game. Everyone had to find some fabulous prize under $10 and then we would have a secret drawing for each others finds. I think we definitely found some number one prizes.

We got a little carried away in general with our shopping this time around and had quite the adventure loading up the truck for the drive home. We only had to stop a few times to re-tie the load we were hauling (I won't go into how krista accidentally tied me to the back of the truck while readjusting our ropes...). And of all the stuff we packed in, we only lost one box that we were forced to ditch at a rest stop. That will make a good story for whoever finds that and takes it home, I guess. It was certainly another fabulous flea market experience.

After a wonderful weekend of shopping the apparel mart, the streets of the fashion district and the flea market, the beverly hillbillies finally headed home to phoenix...

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