Friday, March 26, 2010

a girls' night

After a busy wednesday morning, I rushed to the store to get flowers to make all the arrangements for the tables at Kelly Corrigans talk the next night. I over-bought on purpose because I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do. This turned out to be a good thing, considering thursday morning I was not loving what I had come up with and (after spending my morning at our photoshoot) basically redid all the flower arrangements. I did have to go back to the store for a few more flowers, but it could have been 2 or 3 more trips if I hadn't over-bought the first time:)

I had all these metal and wood boxes, as well as an old chicken feeder that I knew I wanted to use, so I just had to jump in and arrange (and rearrange) until I found the look I was going for.

The flowers were finally done and I just had enough time to jump in the shower, get myself together and run out the door to drop the flowers off. Hopefully, everyone was pleased with the end result. They all seemed quite pleased, but, honestly, what were they going to say at that point... I was definitely happy with how they all came together. What do you think?

(did you know I love burlap and twine?)

Finally, it was time to relax with all the lovely shop ladies for some drinks and a little impromptu surprise shower for our wonderful Jen who is getting married in May.

Cheers to Jen and Vance!
Cheers to such a lovely group of women to work with!
Cheers to a fantastic girls' night out!

After a fabulous dinner of bruschetta and sparkling wine, we all went to hear Kelly Corrigan speak at Xavier. She was amazing. Hysterical, witty, relevant, touching, heartbreaking. I recommend her books to anyone. Even if you don't totally agree with everything she writes about, her insights will make you think about life in a new way. Whoever you are, you will take away something from The Middle Place and Lift.

Does anyone else think it is fantastic that Kelly (we are on a first name basis now - I did do all the flowers for her event, remember?) was drinking a Guinness while signing books?

Have a lovely weekend!

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