Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a lovely wednesday outing

If you don't already hit up the Farmers' Market at Town and Country every wednesday, I highly recommend it. They have amazing fresh produce and flowers in addition to a variety of different venders. It is even lovely to just grab a coffee and walk through during this time of year, even if you don't have anything specific in mind to buy. I bet it's safe to say, you will spy something delicious you can't resist.

Stroll through the Farmers' Market, then swing through Trader Joe's and feed your family delicious meals for the rest of the week. I love peeking into other people's carts at Trader Joe's and finding out what different people come there to get. I was recently introduced to this fantastic chopped salad (kind of a twist on the Cowboy Ciao chopped salad - which is to die for). The idea of it being you do one loop around Trader Joe's and you have all the ingredients.

The Walk-around-Trader-Joe's chopped Salad
-Trader Joe's Parmesan Ranch (in the cooler section)
-bag of romaine
-bag of arugula
-bag of quattro formaggio cheese
-fresh corn (if they have it, I think this tastes better than canned) or can of white corn (don't cook)
-pre-cooked salmon or chicken
-dried cranberries
-box of baby pasta
Arrange all the ingredients in rows, toss and serve.

The presentation of this salad alone (and let's face it, its all about the presentation) is worth it, but it is ever so delicious as well. I like to serve it with the salmon or chicken on the salad or on the side. Try it this weekend, I promise it won't disappoint.
So, what do you get from Trader Joe's that you can't live without?

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