Monday, April 12, 2010

busy here, busy there

Life is once again in a crazy, frantic, hurried state. We have been packing up the kitchen, as I have mentioned, which of course also led to cleaning out the garage to make room to store stuff. The fabulous Colleen Rightenower has a business organizing, packing and just plain helping women like me who are a tad busy and trying to get things done. She was an absolute lifesaver to me on Saturday! If you need someone like this, you definitely need to call Colleen. You will love her! Call the Willows for her information. Back to the kitchen itself, we have had some amazing suggestions. Brooke Giannetti (from my favorite blog Velvet and Linen) suggested changing out one of my doors at a spot where there are three right next to each other. Needless to say, I am now obsessing over this and running around trying to decide just what to do. I am hoping to find something cool for the pantry or perhaps design something. I am currently thinking something frosted with a clever french saying... any ideas? The door is size 78 by 23, which is not a typical width for a door, so it may get tricky. Or perhaps I will just switch out the bathroom door instead... Can you tell I am a little scattered at the moment? Whatever we decide, I love the idea! Thanks so much, Brooke! Would love to hear from more of you, if you have any great ideas to share. I am still searching for some fantastic bathroom inspiration... On top of everything going on at my house, I am also helping to plan (in addition to hosting) my daughter Emily's 8th grade retreat, overseeing a client's bathroom remodel (more on this to come) and helping my daughter Christine fix up her back patio (anyone up for a painting party?). Yikes.

Oh, and there are just a few little things going on over at that place I work called the Willows...

As I mentioned on Friday, we are having an amazing promotion on all Taylor Scott (remembermy favorite sofa?). You can get 30% off all Taylor Scott this week ONLY. Hurry in!

And since we love promotions so much, one of our very favorite jewelry designers, Jewel Ya, is giving a gift with any $100 purchase or more. You get to choose from two beautiful pendants, a glass heart or a turquoise stone. We know you will love our whole new Jewelya collection so come in and treat someone (perhaps, yourself?). And something I am really excited about - I just custom designed a handful of necklaces that Jewel Ya made for the store! I am so thrilled about them, so come take a peek!

And speaking of jewelry, have you seen our Sugarbean earrings? Sugarbean is another great local-made line, so check them out next time you are in the store, as well. We think these earrings are absolutely stunning...

and apparently so does Lin Sue Cooney of Channel 12...

And last on my list (have I lost any of you yet? hang in there...) is our NOT first Friday, but this month's First Saturday Flea Market on May 8th. We have moved our usual first Friday event in honor of our love of education (ok, so we remembered kids have school on Friday - oops!). Our theme this month is kid's day and children will be selling their handmade, crafts, arts and designs. We already have children signed up selling everything from jewelry to stationary to painted rocks! It is going to be adorable. In addition to the kids, our fantastic Bella Notte rep will be here showing off the entire new, revamped lingerie line. It is off the charts! We currently have the lingerie in stock and we know you are all going to die over it. And because we are still feeling so generous with promotions, we've decided on the day of the flea market while our Bella Notte rep is there (from 10-2) we will offer 20% off all special orders! So come down and pick your favorite color, personalize your lingerie and treat yourself for Mother's Day!

Now am I forgetting anything else...
oh, of course, our giveaway! We will be officially announcing our number one prize on Friday and give you all the details on how to enter, so be sure to stay tuned! Are you as excited as we are? Does anyone else love giving just as much as getting?

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