Monday, April 5, 2010

family, family, family

I love now that my kids are older that they take turns hosting family dinners and other such occasions. I show up to their house and in no time at all someone is handing me a drink. Even if I do bring some of the food, there is something so lovely about being a guest in you child's home. Christine and Ed hosted our last family dinner and Christine made the most delicious white sangria (you can choose from a whole host of recipes here). You really can't go wrong with white wine and fruit. It is the perfect drink for beautiful weather.

My son Peter showed up, for who knows what reason (perhaps to annoy Christine... not that Pete would ever do something like that), with a huge chocolate bunny for Ruby. She threw a little party when he got there and said he had something for her, but when he put the bunny in front of her she looked more than a little confused.

All the other kids gathered around to see the giant chocolate bunny (Lucy looks heartbroken that her dad brought it for Ruby and not her). There is something about yelling "chocolate" in a yard full of kids that gets them running.

We sat on their back porch and watched all the kids running and playing in the yard. It was a perfect evening.

The next week Peter and Emily hosted a little egg dying get together over at their house. Apparently, all these kids are very serious about dying Easter eggs...

That night we also celebrated Christine's birthday with some amazing cakes from Chestnut Lane (are you catching on that I love that place?).

Isn't it fantastic that the cake comes with a sparkler?

Then the kids ran off with their chocolate faces to read and play and reenact the singing of "happy birthday."

Another great night of family and fun (and delicious treats).

Christine, you are a beautiful mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend and we love you so very much! Happy Birthday! (old lady!)

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