Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter sunday

We had another lovely Easter Sunday this year with the whole family over to our house after mass for a huge Easter brunch (we missed you, Al and Chicago Burches!). It was a beautiful day and the kids played in the yard and ate and ate and ate and then played some more until they were ready to pass out. All of the adults did roughly the same thing... minus the playing. Somehow more delicious food continued to show up every time you walked back into the kitchen. You couldn't help but try a little of everything, right?

Christine brought over some confetti eggs this year, which were definitely a huge hit. The kids were requesting to have them smashed on their heads and feeling so sneaky when they would "trick" their parents into looking down for a minute. Sweet little Ruby thought it was so fun, she kept trying to smash hard boiled eggs on people's heads. In her defense, they did look more or less the same.

The kids all hunted for eggs in our back yard, while we finished making brunch and setting everything up...

Luke was our big money winner in the little kids egg hunt. At six years old, what would you do with $20?

And the sweet clothes in this picture...

all made by each girlies lovely mama! Well done, ladies!

And, after all the festivities and food, what could be better than a nap on the lawn? Literally, right on the lawn...

Hope your Easter was as wonderful and full of family as ours was!

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