Tuesday, April 13, 2010

frat house or guest house?

With all this packing up of the kitchen, I quickly ran out of room in the garage and thus turned to our guest house. Sadly, our guest house (which we all lived in while our house was being remodeled and which is now frequented by our favorite Chicago Burches) has become a sort of frat house of late. My son Alex has taken it over since going to college and when he comes home it seems to be the stomping grounds for his whole group of friends. Which is fine... when I don't really have to see it. This past weekend it became a sort of dumping ground for everything I was trying to pack up from my kitchen. However, even before the mess of my boxes and dishes, I couldn't help but start rearranging and redecorating (and cleaning) it all in my head now that it seems I will be spending a bit more time there. Upon bringing my first box from the kitchen to the guest house, this is what I was walking in to...

It seems to make sense to put a microwave here, doesn't it? Even if it doesn't plug in?
And this looks like a good place for a chair, huh?
So, hopefully, with a little magic, we will have a serious transformation to show you in the days to come.


Sara said...

hurry up because we want to come and test out the transformation!! Sam asked yesterday if he could start packing his suitcase for 4th of July!

amy said...

I just love the lived-in country goodness of your guest house. (Although I do feel your pain over it getting a bit too "lived-in" with your son's/ son's friends' subsequent clutter.)

Off topic: What kind of stove is that? I love it!

The Willows said...

Amy, to answer your off topic question: the stove is an old chambers. It was the original stove from our house and, although it wasn't practical for making dinners for my large family, I absolutely couldn't part with it. Thus, it found a new home in our guest house! I am so impressed that through all the clutter, you noticed it... you must have a very good eye, indeed.


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