Thursday, April 1, 2010

snow in phoenix?

As I mentioned earlier in March, I have three grandkids whose birthdays are all within a week and a half of one another. So, this year I decided I would try to get a little more creative with my gift giving. I came up with the idea of having snow delivered for all my little phoenix grandkids to play in (chicago kids, if I could order you a shipment of sunshine in the winter, believe me, I would). It was a huge hit to say the least. Climbing up the snow heap, sliding down it, shoveling it, making mini snow men and, of course, the insane snowball fight that even a few of the grown-ups (or just one really big kid) couldn't help but get involved in. And, believe it or not, it was a first time ever playing in snow for many of the kids. We all had a wonderful time with delicious treats to munch on (both homemade and purchased - thank you chestnut lane!) and fantastic company to enjoy. It was just lovely to all be together!

Some of us got a little wiped out from all the fun...

And the kids cleared out pretty quickly when...

they called us in for treats!

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